The Emmaus Walk is a spiritual renewal experience centered around a 72 hour retreat which is a refresher course in basic Christianity.  It is intended to strengthen the local church through the development of Christian disciples and leaders.  The Emmaus Walk has the potential to change your life through deepening your commitment to Jesus Christ!

 The 72 hour retreat usually begins on Thursday evening, and concludes on Sunday evening.  It consists of a series of "talks", and is wrapped in prayer, meditation, worship, fellowship, fun, and the daily celebration of Holy Communion.  Men and women attend separate weekend retreats held at Camp Sumatanga.

 Persons wishing to attend must make application to the Alabama Emmaus Community.  This is done through the help and support of a sponsor, who is another person who has previously attended a Walk.

 Any of the individuals below will be happy to share their experience and answer your questions:

 Pat Edwards, Allison Edgecomb, Caroyln Edwards, Steve Edwards, Don Helman, Flo Helman, Juanita Lamb, Genie Riddle, Lee Riddle, Mable Sexton,Teri Stokes, Kathy Williams Lee.