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If you are 55 years young and enjoy socializing, dinners out, potluck meals and games, with occasional sightseeing and service opportunities thrown in, we are eager to welcome you to "Double Nickels"


A typical month of plans will include breakfast together at a nearby restaurant on the second Tuesday, lunch together at a local diner on the third Wednesday and a potluck lunch with games in the afternoon on the fourth Friday.


For details each week, please see MUMC Tree of Life newsletters, Sunday bulletins, or contact Mrs. Connie Blackwell at 256-653-1911 


Here are the plans for April. Please verify with Sunday Bulletins. 

  • Friday, April 27:  Lunch and Games at noon, Youth Room.


Here are the plans for May. Please verify with Sunday Bulletins. 

  • Tuesday, May 8:  Breakfast at Mia's on County Line Rd,  9:00am.

  • Wednesday, May 16:  Lunch at Olive Garden on University Drive, Huntsville, 1:00pm.

  • Friday, May 25:  Lunch and Games, Youth Room, MUMC, 12 noon.